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Make your old car or truck look like new again

Rexdale Auto Detailing Inc.: Car Washes & Much More in Toronto

Remember how clean, shiny and new your car or truck was when you first got it? How great it felt just to sit inside it and inhale that new car smell? Rexdale Auto Detailing Inc. can restore the sparkle and renew the new car smell to your vehicle, no matter what its age!

Get a Thoroughly Clean Car or Truck
Rexdale Auto Detailing Inc. offers full auto detailing services and car washing for all vehicles. Age doesn't matter when it comes to cleaning and keeping your car in the best condition. As part of our auto detailing and car wash services we will shampoo, polish, and wax the exterior of your ride. We thoroughly clean the interior of your vehicle and can provide minor touch ups. It’s like an automotive face lift, and when you come back to pick up your car you’ll fall in love with it all over again.

Call Rexdale Auto Detailing Inc. in Toronto today and let us thoroughly clean and detail your vehicle. We will treat your car like it is our own and clean it inch by inch, inside and out.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

We pay attention to the details to make your car look and smell like new

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